ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001-2004



Over the last years this system has become more and more popular as it is suitable for a wide range of uses. In order to meet all customers’ needs, we work with the most innovative companies in Europe, producing elements for fixing system

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Product characteristics 

Ventilated facades can be mounted both on small and large buildings thanks to the countless advantages they offer: 
-    wide choice of colours, sizes (modules) and surface finishes and the possibility to use natural materials (marble, granite and stone) or bonded materials (micro or macro agglomerated marble and marble-cement agglomerate); 
-    the structure can be perfectly integrated with the curtain walls and door and window frames; 
-    the new techniques have brought about an improved anchoring system to the brick and wall, thus making the installation safer;
-    each individual panel can be removed to allow work to be carried out, without the need to demolish the whole structure;
-    energy saving:  one part of the air gap between the supporting wall and the covering is used to lay an insulating layer to avoid thermal bridges and loss of heat during the cold season; while the other is left free so that the “chimney effect” will mitigate the heat in the warm seasons. In addition, the ventilation eliminates the water vapour coming from inside the building, thus avoiding surface condensation and the subsequent formation of mildew on the walls;
-    highly improved acoustic insulation;
-    simplification of renovation works on old buildings: to restore the old facades finished with plaster it is sufficient to apply the new covering; there is no need to demolish the previous one;
-    in the air gap it is possible to create a space for the installations. 
This highly-technological structure combines perfectly with the elegant stone material.



This system consists of modular, adjustable supports that can easily and safely fit to any kind of floor. To obtain the finished panel it is necessary to combine the polyurethane resins and the finishing surface covering (20/30 mm thickness) in an appropriately-shaped galvanised steel chamber.

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This system makes laying easy, quick and clean. The frame for indoor use and for outdoor use differ both in terms of the shape and in the material they are made of: for outdoor use is made of Poly-Propylene P.P and is entirely corrosion-resistant(not suitable for indoor use as it is fire resistance class I), while the frame for indoor use is made of galvanised steel.